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[coming out this year]


Magnetic Heights is a private spy company and you (the player) are a specially trained spy working for Magnetic Heights. You will go on missions and forfill contracts but will it all end well for you.


In the near future  England has gone a little down hill, (probably thanks to brexit) Police numbers have gone down, crime rates gone up, taxes raised, a large number of people becoming alcoholics, terrorist attacks occurring more often and more and more secrets being held by the governments. Thanks to all of this several private spy businesses have opened and are operating under large pay checks.


The game plays in a somewhat linear fashion with a clear objective and is somewhat story driven with lots of information show in the background. The game will take 10 - 15 minutes to complete and hopefully it will be worth playing a second time. This game is first person and created with a low-poly art style and cartoony looking people. Simple/generic first person controls (so a mouse is recommended) but no controller support (I apologise).


The idea of Magnetic Heights first came into my head back in 2014 but the first version was abandoned due to bordem reasons back in mid 2015. The game was then completely re-made in mid 2017 and will hopefully be completed and published by the end of September 2017. I'm making this game with a low-poly art style as thats the only style I am half good at. The game was heavily inspired by: Gravity Bone and Jazzpunk which both have an interesting art style and unique story-line.

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